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Alex Singhavara

Alex Singhavara Alex Singhavara





Place of Birth:

Vientiane, Laos


5ft 8in / 175cm

Hair Color:


Eye Color:

Dark Brown

Alex was born in Vientiane, Laos on the 3rd August 1970 (Chinese Horoscope Year of the Metal Dog). To his knowledge he is the only professional Laotian born actor in the UK, and most probably in Europe. He lived in Laos until 1976 whereby due to the uprising of the Laotian communist revolution, Alex's family fled the country and moved to London, England where he grew up and still resides today.

Although since childhood he always had a love of performing (in school plays and family parties) and an acute fascination with films and fictional characters, his twenties were mainly spent securing his academic qualifications and later on, working in 9-5 jobs.

However the performance bug never went away and since his 30's Alex has been involved in the art of Acting, having studied in various drama workshops throughout London and most recently spending 3 years intensive training in the Lee Strasberg method under the tutorship of Sam Rumbelow.

His main reason for acting is not just for the love of the art and performing itself but is immensely driven by his interest with people and humanity, what drives people to be the way they are and to take the actions they take.

"I've always been fascinated by different characters, in real life and in fiction, and I have been priviliged enough so far in my life, to meet and share time with all different types of people in London whilst growing up. London for me is cosmo (cosmopolitan) city, if you have an open mind and willing to embrace different cultures, then next to being in the that country itself, there is no better place to learn than from the people themselves.

I've really been lucky to hang out and experience different views on the world, family, friendship, religion, humour, etc from all walks of life, and coming in to acting late I wish to translate all these experiences into my work, I'm not saying I know it all yet as there is obviously so much more to learn.

That is the beauty of life and art, it is endless and always something new to explore."

In between making ends meet as most actors have to do these days, he is embarking on making his footprint into acting by being open minded to all roles or projects that will stretch and challenge the boundaries of his craft. For his part, Alex considers himself to be a committed character actor and looks to honor any project (whether in Film, TV or Theatre) that he takes on by bringing humanity and truth to any character that he undertakes.

This web site is dedicated to those who appreciate Alex's acting work, to keep up to date with current projects and those in the pipeline, and is the only official website endorsed by him. He wishes to thank everybody who visits this site and encourages all those who have a dream to follow them if possible. If you enjoy what you do, you never waste your time doing it and it is never too late to do it.

"These days audiences will be genuinely affected if there is truth and believability in the work, failure to deliver this, will be the difference between a good performance and an inspiring and memorable one.

For me, the responsibility of an actor is to do their best in their work thus helping to make sure the audience not only remembers his/her performance but more importantly that they remember the character and the story, art only truly begins when it leaves a lasting impression and is universally understood".

A Singhavara
Aug 2007